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          We have specialised in the design and manufacture of Mechanical Remote Controls for over 40 years, hence today, we are Australiaˇ¦s leading manufacturer and supplier.
          Primarily this catalogue is intended to provide up-to-date information for the staff of hundreds of Architectural and Engineering firms who already know us well. Nevertheless, for the new ˇ§readerˇ¨ we have included a few words describing how we started and continued to progress through the years.
          Arens system of remote controls were originally designed for the aicraft industry and from this all manner of development and applications have ensued, some of which are, Sashes, Louvres (internal and external) ventilators, dampers, engine throttle controls and many other sophisticated types of controls, several of which have been developed in conjunction with ˇ§Customer Cooperationˇ¨.

          As we are specialists in this field, we welcome you to discuss with us at any time any problems connected with mechanical remote controls.
          The principle resons for "Arens" continued success is its remarkably neat and inconspicuous appearance, especially if concealed either beneath brick, plaster or timber panelling, (the sash fitting, face plate and handle being the only parts visible).
          Low maintenance and high efficiency are the effective qualities of our remote control gear plus extreme flexibility in application.

          Our policy is to co-operate with our customers and to provide them with the ideal units for their particular applications.
          In pursuance of this policy we have a staff of fully qualified technical advisers and accredited agents throughout Australia whose willing service is always at your disposal.
          In conclusion we trust you will find all the information you require in the following pages but should his not be the case, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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