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Manual Gear Opening System

MDCR 212 Gear Box
MDCR 209 Gear Box
HeleFlex Manual Control Gear
Roto Gear

Manual Chain Box

Heleflex Chain Openers
Manual Chain Opener

Electrical Actuator

S1 Electric Heleflex Cable Actuator

Electric Torque Arm Gearing

Sun Shading System


Electrical Chain Actuator

Electrical Actuator (CA-38)
TOPP Chain Actuator
Twin Chain Actuator
Multi-locking Actuator

Smoke Vent


Wireless remote control system


Smoke Vent Expore Mounted Type

Smoke Vent Conceal Type


The smoke vent will fully open immediately by pressing the "One Touch" Button.

The Vent requires easy operation. Turn the handle manually to close.



Specialities: (Inner design) Surface:

The Metal Rotation Handle and surface are ensemble inside the control box for easy control and function. One direction operation with single detachable gear. When the window opening, the handle without spinning together.
Fast transfer movement:

internal kit reduce package to increase power by transfering. The metal rotation handle specially design to prevent handle to encounter and scratches. The D/W operator including smoke detector connections for central monitor system.

GM-104 Smoke Vent Control Panel

Principle of functions

1) Control panel
2) Actuators
3) Internal detector
4) External sensor
5) Smoke detection
6) Emergency button
7) Fire brigade button

GM-104 Smoke Vent Controller

The GM-104 control panel provided with battery back up system, allows to control the windows opening and closing by 24Vdc actuators.

Opening and closing operating can be controlled as follows:
- Emergency controlled by a smoke detector or an emergency button.
- Weather conditions, controlled by rain detector, anemometer, thermostat sensor.
- Daily ventilation by push button or key switch.
- Obviously the emergency command has priority over ventilation. (Manual opening and closing are disabled.)
- The actuators are fed directly by a power supply unit. The batteries are use in case of power supply failure only.

Technical Data

The Voltage supply: 230VAC
Output : 24VDC
Nominal Current: 8A/16A
Expansion model GM-104 SU provided with booster batteries and controlled directly by the GM-104 control panel, allows to improve the number of actuators.

The GM-104 electric system for smoke and heat extraction are extremely versatile:
allows multi windows control or the smoke and heat extraction in case of fire, always enabling daily ventilation. A wide range of control panels detectors, electric chain actuators, rack actuators. Electric multi-locking actuators or any other accessory is available for the system installation.

Model Power Max Current Output Current
of Each Group
Dimensions Protection

GM104-SU8 250W 8A 8A (1 Group) 500 x 400 x 150 IP54
GM104-SU16 450W 16A 16A (1 Group) 500 x 400 x 150 IP54
GM104-SU32 850W 32A 16A (2 Group) 500 x 400 x 150 IP54
GM104-SU64 1650W 64A 16A (4 Group) 600 x 600 x 250 IP54
GM104-SU128 3250W 128A 16A (8 Group) 1000 x 800 x 250 IP54

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